Disposable ECG Hydrogel Electrodes with Pre-gelled AG/AGCL Sensor


Cardioart disposable hydrogel electrodes are better, faster, easier, and hygienic compared to the traditional reusable electrodes.  The innovative pre-gelled electrodes with AG/AGSL sensor give accurate results.

Here are some of the advantages of Hydrogel Electrodes:-

  • Studies suggest that Hydrogel Electrodes have better conductivity and give stable ECG Bio-Signals

  • This is more hygienic and easy to use as this does not leave any residue on the skin

  • The gumming of the foam and hydrogel is hypo-allergic, non-irritant and is perfectly suitable for all types of skin.

  • It is highly effective in recording stable bio-signals even with the movement of chest, respiration or treadmill exercises.

  • Hydrogel electrodes are preferred in ICU as the gel remains wet for a longer period to give continuous signal recording without intensive attention.

  • Cardioart hydrogel electrodes are tested and certified to meet all international standards along with the US FDA requirements.

  • It is highly effective in making modern healthcare setup more efficient.

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