Disposable ECG Solid Gel Electrodes with Pre-gelled AG/AGCL Sensor

Vimed disposable Solid Gel electrodes are better, faster, easier, and hygienic compared to the traditional reusable electrodes.  The innovative pre-gelled electrodes with AG/AGSL sensor give accurate results.

Here are some of the advantages of Solid Gel Electrodes:-

  • Solid gel electrodes are ideal choice for the stress test, long term and short term monitoring.

  • Gel is freshly made and is suitable for use in 30 days after opening the pouch and 2 years in sealed pouch.

  • Available in various size, shapes, adult and pediatric.

  • The adhesive in the foam is highly aggressive and hypo allergic, medical grade and is perfectly suitable for all types of human skin.

  • The foam is PVC and latex free and of standard 1mm thickness for the purpose of making electrode.

  • These electrodes are one-time use product and non sterile for external use only.

  • Vimed Solid Gel Electrodes are tested and certified to meet all international standards along with the US FDA requirements.

  • It is highly effective in making modern healthcare setup more efficient.

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